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One of the last manufacturers of woolen fabrics in Europe.


AUDOV s.r.o., one of the last manufacturers of woolen fabrics in Europe
is the successor to the long-standing textile tradition in Trenčín. Our portfolio include fabrics for men's suit, ladies dress, fabrics for uniforms and for historical clothing or costumes and fabrics for furniture upholstery. These are made of the finest quality yarn , which is supplied by the world's leading manufacturers.

We offer our customers fabrics of their own choice , all in the highest quality, in short production cycle and in a reasonable price. We follow fashion trends
in the material composition as well as in the actual production technology.

AUDOV s.r.o. is a reliable partner for your business.


Audov s.r.o. continues the old tradition of textile production in Trenčín.
The very first company, called Tiberghien and children, was founded in 1907, followed by Merina, which was for 101 years a main manufacturer of textile fabrics in the middle Europe.

The vision of AUDOV is to be the part of leading manufacturers of woolen fabrics and to achieve results comparable to the European textile powers such as Italy, German or France.

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Suitable for production of men's suit, tuxedo, women's dress, men's and women's light jacket, leisure clothing, wedding clothing.


Liturgical fabrics, public sector-uniforms, historical clothing and costumes, furniture upholstery, billiards.


Sacks and bags of different sizes, flood bags - double bags, textile sleeves, tilts, decors, tablecloths (single color, diamonds, stripes) - in version 100% polyester, possible other materials.

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Flood protection - sandless flood bags

AquaBagStop bags contain a substance with a high ability to absorb water (superabsorbent). Thanks to it, it increases its weight more than 35 times when in contact with water. They are ideal for building barriers and dams to protect against flooding or to remove water from flooded areas after floods or domestic accidents.


  • quick preparation within 8 min

  • water absorption up to 15 liters

  • can be stored even in small spaces

  • easy handling even for physically weaker people, weight max 15 kg

  • multiple use up to 5 times with proper drying and storage

  • solid special fabric does not let water out

  • biodegradable superabsorbent

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Therapy boots for horses

With the help of our O’Cool boots, you can quickly and easily reduce the temperature of your horse's limbs after hard work or an acute injury. This will prevent inflammation, strains, sprains or muscle and tendon pain.


  • quick and easy preparation in a few minutes

  • easy application, long-term cooling effect

  • multiple use, easy to clean

  • always at hand

  • dry form of cooling

  • precise design for undisturbed horse movement

  • harmless inner and outer material

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Cotton protective facemasks and half masks

We have combined the unique features of Egyptian cotton, Swiss antimicrobial technology and our know-how in the field of textile production into an exceptional product. Our 2-layer GSILVER facemasks help prevent the spread of droplet infections and are also suitable for protecting the respiratory system from solid particles of various shapes and sizes.


  • double-sided antimicrobial material protection thanks to the Swiss Sanitized® technology with long-lasting effect and odour reduction

  • more than 99% antibacterial efficacy (according to JIS L 1902 standard)

  • 100% organic Egyptian cotton Giza

  • extremely soft and breathable fabric

  • multiple and long-term use

  • high strength and long-term resistance of the fabric even with frequent use

  • harmless, non-irritating and odourless material

Certified in accordance with STN 80 0055: 2004, EP and COUNCIL Regulation (EC) no. 1907/2006 (REACH), OEKO-TEX Standard 201, AATCC Test Method 100, ASTM E 2149 and JIS L 1902.

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